Area Manager (Special Feat)

Job Description:
1. Complete the planning of regional special fertilizer outlets, and be responsible for promoting the investment promotion, negotiation and maintenance of agents in each region;
2. Responsible for the development of sales plans, management is responsible for the regional market sales work, in order to achieve sales targets;
3. Responsible for the collection of competitor information in each region and the improvement of the quality of the dealer team;
4. Responsible for tracking and maintaining customer relations, overall management of after-sales service work;

1. College degree or above, major in agriculture is preferred;
2. At least 2 years of sales experience in chemical fertilizer, agricultural materials, etc., able to independently develop the market and form a team;
3, good communication skills, have a certain Internet marketing knowledge reserve.
4, skilled driving, can adapt to travel. The scope of responsibility is allocated to all provinces and regions of the country according to the individual wishes of job seekers.
Salary and treatment: basic salary, performance commission, travel allowance.


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Created on:2023-06-08 16:22