Focus on humic acid for thirty years, protect more than 0.1 billion acres of arable land

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    Know Us

    Xinjiang Huitong Hardyloong Humic Acid Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise focusing on green agriculture, organic agriculture and ecological agriculture. Deeply ploughing the land of China for more than 30 years, guarding more than 0.1 billion mu of arable land, becoming an industry pioneer in the development of humic acid and serving modern agriculture.
    The predecessor of the company was Hami Humic Acid Research Institute established in 1986. It is located in Humic Acid Industrial Park, Huayuan Township, Hami City, Xinjiang, covering an area of more than 500 mu. Among them, 150 mu of land for production and more than 350 mu of experimental fields.
    The company has nearly 100 square kilometers of weathered coal resources in Nanhu Lake, Hami, Xinjiang, which has been formed over hundreds of millions of years and has independent mining rights.......